Huobi to Suspend the Exchange of CUBE into USDT
Huobi to Suspend the Exchange of CUBE into USDT


Dear Huobi Users,

Huobi will suspend the exchange from CUBE into USDT at 04:00 (UTC) on December 23, 2022. The withdrawal service for CUBE has been enabled. If you need to exchange CUBE, you can transfer your CUBE assets to the Cube chain for the exchange into USDT.

After transferring CUBE to the Cube chain, you can swap your CUBE to USDT (CRC20) on a DEX, and then convert USDT (CRC20) to USDT (ERC20) through the cross-chain bridge Cube Bridge. See below for the instructions:

1. Swap CUBE to WCUBE

To facilitate the swap, users can first swap their CUBE in their wallets for an equivalent amount of WCUBE (Wrapped CUBE) by transferring CUBE to the WCUBE contract (0x9d3f61338d6eb394e378d28c1fd17d5909ac6591).

*Users can check the WCUBE contract address on Cube's website:

2. DEX Token Swap

Swap CUBE to USDT on a DEX that support the Cube chain:

How to swap tokens:

3. Cross-Chain Bridge

Swap USDT (CRC20) to USDT (ERC20) on cross-chain bridge Cube Bridge:

If you have any questions during the use of Cube services, please contact the Cube Chain foundation at for assistance.


December 23, 2022