Crypto Exchange Huobi Global Rebrands to Huobi, Aims for a Caribbean Office

Crypto Exchange Huobi Global Rebrands to Huobi, Aims for a Caribbean Office


Crypto exchange Huobi has just unveiled an updated brand strategy that includes changing its current name Huobi Global. 

The message on the exchange's site says that "Huobi Global" will simply be known as "Huobi." 

According to project representatives, the new name "Huobi" in Chinese consists of two characters. The first means "eternal vitality and its connection to future generations," the second "the determination to win." 

Once the name change has been made, the exchange will continue to develop the brand and "focus on the policy" of using its native token (HT) as much as possible. The asset will remain at the center of Huobi's business strategy. 

As part of global expansion, the exchange plans to open a representative office in the Caribbean. The company also intends to increase investments in Southeast Asia, Europe and other regions in order to grow its user base.

Huobi Global Rebrands to Huobi, Aims for a Caribbean Office

  • The crypto exchange was purchased last month by About Capital.

  • The refreshed brand responds to global expansion plans.

Huobi, a major cryptocurrency exchange founded in China, has launched and refreshed its brand and changed its name from 'Huobi Global' to 'Huobi'. According to Wednesday's press release, the newest branding strategy unites with the global expansion plans and the recent acquisition by About Capital, a Hong Kong-based buyout fund.

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The name Huobi originates from two Chinese characters representing 'perpetual vitality' and 'determination to win'. The name is meant to reflect the platform's desire to return to the ranks of the three most prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in China and provide professional cryptocurrency management services.

"Huobi will keep focusing on creating cutting-edge assets and supporting assets with strong market potential, as well as empowering communities built on projects. In keeping with the spirit of using science and technology for good, Huobi will strive to build a safer and more stable environment for users to participate in early-stage quality projects," Huobi commented in a press release.

The Chinese cryptocurrency platform wants to start its global expansion by establishing its new branch in the Caribbeans, utilizing local laws supporting the crypto expansion and the common use of the English language.