Trading Options and Order Types Trading Options and Order Types

Gate has a variety of crypto trade options. These options allow you to diversify your crypto trading income streams and generally have a varied experience as a trader. Before trading, it’s essential to understand the trading options on any crypto exchange. Here’s a breakdown of trading options and order types to ensure you make informed decisions.

Trading Options

  • Spot Trading: Spot trading on a crypto exchange typically involves buying or selling crypto assets at their spot price or listed market price when there are market fluctuations. Like all other trades, spot training ensures you make some profit from buying or selling your token, and it isn’t very different from how stocks trade in the stock market. 

  • Margin Trading: is one of the best Margin trading platforms. This type of trade involves trading crypto using funds borrowed from the exchange. A margin trader will commit a portion of their crypto assets to the exchange. will give them funds equitable to their committed assets.

Margin trading is very profitable, but it has high risks because of market volatility. If you are new to crypto trading or only have limited knowledge and experience, avoid margin trading or trade with as little money as possible. For more seasoned investors, make sure you look at the core concepts of margin trading like forced liquidation, leverage rate, and risk rate to minimize the chance of making losses on the platform. 

  • Copy Trading: If the whole concept of trading cryptocurrencies on your own is a bit too scary or overwhelming, then’s copy trading might be what you need. Copy trading is a form of quantitative trading, a strategy that uses quantitative analysis to help you determine when it is best to make a trade and which type of trade is the best to make. 

The copy trading option is a new feature, but it is a life-saver for trading novices who want to make some money on crypto but don’t know where to begin. All you need to get started with copy trading on is to visit the copy trading page on’s website and follow a suggested quantitative strategy. If you are more experienced in trading crypto assets and want to give other people a hand, you too have a place on the copy trading option as a signaler. 

Order Types

The starting point of each stop order trade involves you identifying the market order related to the trade. An order type is an instruction a trader gives to a broker about how to fill a particular order. has about seven different order types that help you run your spot trading activities. 

  • Market Order: This order type shows you the spot price but does not guarantee the auction price during your trade’s execution. 

  • Limit Order: With the Limit order tool, you can set a fixed buying or selling price for your token. If this price isn’t met, the exchange will not execute your order. 

  • Iceberg Orders: These are orders divided into smaller orders, and only a portion of them is shown on the price ledger. 

Other orders to explore on the platform include post-only conditional, immediate, or cancel orders.