Bitsgap trading bots be trusted?

Bitsgap trading bots be trusted?


More than half a million traders agree that Bitsgap is a safe and secure bot. Most of the reviews of their service are positive. Bitsgap is like other trading bots in that it doesn't hold on to traders' money. Their digital assets are not in their hands.

About Bitsgap

Bitsgap is an automated cryptocurrency trading bot that connects all the renowned crypto trading exchanges with the help of API which was founded by Max Kalmykov. According to Bitsgap review, this platform provides compact platforms for both crypto dealing and portfolio control. It came into existence in the cryptocurrency trading markets in 2018.

Bitsgap trading platform offers many automated trading strategies like crypto trading bots, grid bot trading, advanced trading tools, arbitrage, trading signal, portfolio tracking, spinner modes, and smart trade facilities across the world to crypto traders and users.

Bitsgap Summary

Official Website
Available Payment OptionsVISA, MasterCard, PayPal, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and +50 Altcoins
Cloud BasedYes
Supported ExchangesBinance, Binance US, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bybit, Coinbase Pro, FTX,, Gemini, HitBTC, Huobi, Kraken, Kucoin, OKX, Poloniex
Mobile SupportYes
Plans and PricingBasic – $23/month
Advanced – $55/month
Pro – $119/month
Free TrialYes
Academy ProgramNo
Affiliate ProgramYes
Customer SupportLive Chat, Email, Social Channels, & Knowledge Base Center Support

It also offers a 7-day free trial and demo mode trading facility, allowing users to try paper trading before trading with real money. It allows you to choose between crypto to crypto and crypto to fiat arbitrage opportunities. Bitsgap integrated interface has introduced some new statistics and multiple trades types which empower the users and cryptocurrency traders to examine all these new strategies, trading pairs, and risk management tools. Cryptocurrencies are also acceptable for getting a Bitsgap subscription.

How Does Bitsgap Work?

If you desire to start your journey at Bitsgap and want to understand how Bitsgap works, then you have to complete just three simple steps:-

  1. Create your account on Bitsgap.

  2. Link it with supported exchanges with your API keys.

  3. Finally start your trading activity.

To create an account, you are required to register on the platform, and you can do it by entering your email ID, creating your password, and finally confirming the email ID to complete the registration process. Moreover, you can also link your account to Google or Facebook.

You can get your API keys from your linked crypto exchange accounts. These unique API keys are required for all trading operations executed on Bitsgap. It keeps all trading activities safe as it does not allow anyone to access your funds or data.

Bitsgap Review: Pros and Cons

 Back Testing Feature Monthly subscription fees
 Signals for running bots
 Options to edit the range of your grid bots
 2048 bit encryption
 Well established team
 No withdrawal fees

Platforms Offered by Bitsgap

There are a great number of crypto exchanges that support Bitsgap, almost 25+ multiple exchanges, which is more than any other Bitsgap alternatives like Cryptohopper, which supports only 12, and 3Commas, which provides only 15 best crypto exchanges.

After Bitsgap, is another platform that connects with 17 crypto exchanges. is a downloadable program and operates from a local machine, while Bitsgap is a cloud-based trading platform. Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, OKEX, Bittrex, Kucoin, DDEX, IDEX, GEMINI,, CoinEx, and some more are the names of supported exchanges provided by Bitsgap.

Trading Bots

The best attraction of the Bitsgap bot trading is its consideration of automated trading approaches. It offers users different types of automated trading bots platforms to make a static attitude to cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management. Every cryptocurrency trading bot platform has unique patterns and methods that help make your bots more profitable. You can pick up any popular trading pairs according to their performance.

Grid Trading Bots

The prime motive of the Grid trading bot is to enable players to earn profit from small price movements in both directions. In sideways momentum, when there is not so much action in the market, the Bitsgap grid bot is a wonderful tool for the market. It helps the players position a grid to observe the overall trend automatically. It applies to a volume-weighted average price of all orders and represents a profit percentage in relation to this average. It helps the users earn a consistent profit and needs very little command. It also has some predefined grid strategy for newcomers and experts, even though players are free to use their trading strategy.

DCA Trading Bots

Bitsgap recently launched a DCA bot that helps users throughout bullish, bearish, and sideways market situations. This trading tool has various new features like more accurate entry and exit options, risk management options, and many more. It offers a quick and efficient result facility for players who sustain active trading bots technique. It also consists of a set of risk management tools that helps you to grow your trades positively. These tools are Trailing Stop, Drawdown Limit, and Risk Reduction. According to Bitsgap Reviews, this DCA bot is a technical trading strategy.

Future Trading Bots

Bitsgap introduced the Futures bot that allows users to trade between various DCA orders and claim profits that are arrayed in a grid whether the market is flat, rising, or falling. It allows you to trade with a leverage position from 1x to 10x and also gives you the facility to trade funds that are almost 10x larger than your investment. It also gives you arbitrage opportunities to execute trades on the short side and earn money from falling prices.

You can use these futures crypto trading bots for trading from one of the two trading margin techniques: use a fixed investment size or invest your entire balance on the future’s platform. The supported crypto exchange for futures trading bot is USDT Future on Binance.

Key Features of Trading Bots

Ready-Made Strategies

Bitsgap trading bot gives you a facility of ready-made strategies. You can select the best one from a range of predefined strategies based on successful backtest results.

Performance Analytics

The trading bot has an interesting feature of Performance Analytics. It gives you a detailed understanding of your results with complete statistics of your bot.

Free Demo Mode

It has extra smart trading features of “Free Demo Mode” that offer you an opportunity to enhance your trading skills in a risk-free demo atmosphere before investing real money.


It is a fusion of trades gained by using the price difference of a similar trading pair between two or more crypto platforms.

Profit 24/7

Bitsgap is a cloud-based platform that allows your bots to work continuously 24/7, even when you are offline.


Bitsgap is completely dedicated to providing a safe and secure trading environment. So it uses high-end encryption to maintain the security of the connection between the platform and the exchange. It also offers a portfolio tracking facility for better security.

Smart Trading

The advantage of Bitsgap Smart orders Trading terminal is that it offers the user many tools to make more and more base currency and reduce the trading risk. You will find this “Smart Trading” option in the “Platform” section in the website’s upper right corner. The Smart trading option offers the following tools:-


Buy limit order secures you get the price you set, or lower, if possible on the market compared to market orders. Sell Limit order secures you get the price you set or higher, if possible on the market.

TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price)

Works best for large orders that may have a significant market impact. The purpose of TWAP is to minimize the market impact on basket orders.


It helps to ensure that larger-sized trades are not subject to increasingly deteriorating prices. A scale order may also be used to get a better average price when entering or to exit a position. A scale order includes multiple orders at different prices to avoid the market impact of issuing one large order.


This type of order guarantees that the order will be executed but does not guarantee the best or desired execution price!


Stop market orders can be orders to buy or sell, but no action takes place unless the price hits that trigger. When the price is reached, the stop order becomes a market order. This order is often named Stop Loss order.

Stop Limit

Order will be executed at a specified (or better) price after a given stop price has been reached. Once the stop price is reached, this stop-limit order becomes a limit order to buy or sell at the limit price or better.

Demo Trading

You will find the Demo Trading option in the upper right corner of the website. This allows you to convert your trading account to the Bitsgap demo account. It is a good option for beginners. In this demo account, you will receive some bogus demo funds that allow you to examine your strategies and understand the trading strategies with no risk. This demo trading facility allows you to learn how to use different trading tools of the Bitsgap platform. While making Bitsgap review, we get to know that its Demo trading terminal has the following benefits:-

  • Gain access to 5 leading crypto exchanges.

  • Practice trading with 5 BTC in virtual funds.

  • Trading experience in live market conditions.

  • Test out trading strategies.

  • Try out signals, active trading bots and arbitrage.

Bitsgap Account Sign Up Process

Suppose you want to take advantage of Bitsgap’s facilities. In that case, you are needed to register a Bitsgap account on the website and accept all the terms and conditions of the present agreement to start placing orders. You are required to download and install the Application and submit your API keys to the Application.

Create Account

Any person who is completely authorized or any legal person may apply for an account. At the time of account opening, you have given your real name, all needed personal information, and company registration information. All this information provided by you must be correct, complete, and valid. You cannot give any wrong information, and you cannot create an account for anyone other than yourself if you are not authorized to do so.

The authorized person, creating an account on behalf of the legal person, has to prove that he has all the essential rights and powers to do that. After that, a photocopy or scan of some documents is required for account verification like your passport, ID card, drivers license, utility bills, and payment method details. The company has all the rights to accept or reject anyone’s account registration request without any explanation. Complete and valid acceptance of all policies and terms and conditions are necessary for account registration.

SetUp Your Exchange Accounts

Maintaining the confidentiality of all the information linked to your account, like a password or any activities that take place under your account, completely depends on you. If you have failed to maintain all the information safe and secure or witness any unauthorized use of your account, you have to inform the crypto exchange immediately.

You are not authorized to transfer your account to anyone else without any written permission from the company. You will also not use another’s account or its password at any time without the permission and authorization of the account holder.

Bitsgap Affiliate Program

Bitsgap Affiliate program gives the opportunity to its users to gain some profit from online mode. If you introduce the new trader to the platform by attracting them through online marketing channels and if they generate some revenue, the company offers you a revenue sharing percentage. This program is an opportunity to make some extra money by advertising the products of Bitsgap on your website and attracting new players.

When a new user introduced by you makes a registration, it will be automatically assigned to your affiliate account forever. All the calculations of the affiliate program are made in EUR and paid out in USDT ERC-20 based on the exchange rate at the time of payment. The minimum payout amount is €25, which will be paid to your online crypto wallet within 5 days.

Bitsgap Affiliate Competition

Bitsgap Affiliate is a monthly competition that allows you to ask your friends to join the competition as paid users and get a percentage share of generated revenue. Every new paid user who joined the competition shot up the prize by 3 USDT. To participate in this competition, you are required to register your account on the platform and, use appropriate marketing tools in your promotions, present the Bitsgap to your audience in the best way to attract them.

All paid members will be included in the prize. The prize reward increases automatically when you introduce a new paid member, and only the top 25 members will be eligible to share the award. But there are some conditions to calculate the rewards like:-

  • Rewards will be calculated on the basis of paid plans activated during the tournament month.

  • Every new referred user will increase the overall prize pool by 3 USDT.

  • Prizes will be credited to your affiliate balances in USDT within 7 business days after the end of the tournament.

  • Affiliate Program Conditions apply.

  • Number of winners: 25.


How Much Safe Is Bitsgap?

Bitsgap uses complex passwords, 2FA, and the RSA 2048 encryption to protect all user data — from login attempts to the stored API key. These Bitsgap features make it safe and secure.

Does Bitsgap Take a Commission on Trades?

Bitsgap does not take any charge or other hidden transaction fees on trading.

Does Bitsgap Have Access to your Exchange Wallet?

Bitsgap does not allow anyone to access your exchange wallet and not to make any changes. Your funds will always be safe and remain in your cryptocurrency exchange account.

How Does Bitsgap Make Money?

Bitsgap is a paid tool. One of the ways they make money is by offering subscriptions for their bot services.

What Are the Fees for Bitsgap?

You only have to pay a monthly subscription fee for using the platform.