The Top 17 Cryptos to Watch in 2023

The Top 17 Cryptos to Watch in 2023

Here are our picks for the very best cryptocurrencies to watch this year, including meme coins, move-to-earn titans, top smart contract platforms, and the future of decentralized finance.


  • FightOut (FGHT) - Overall Best Crypto to Watch in 2023 with Fitness App and Gyms

  • Dash 2 Trade (D2T) - Crypto Intelligence Platform to Watch in Final Presale Stage

  • RobotEra (TARO) - Trending Crypto to Watch with Utility-Centric TARO Token

  • IMPT (IMPT) - Popular Crypto Offering Rewards for Carbon Footprint Reduction

  • Tamadoge (TAMA) - Exciting Meme Coin Project Pumping since IEO

  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) - New Crypto to Watch Long-term

  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Popular Crypto Competitions and NFT Ecosystem

  • Yearn Finance (YFI) - Unlocking the Value in Idle Assets

  • Solana (SOL) - Next-Generation Smart Contract Platform

  • Sweat Economy (SWEAT) - Unlocking Fitness Through Blockchain Rewards

  • SushiSwap (SUSHI) - Decentralized Finance Juggernaut

  • GameZone (GZONE) - Going Beyond Gaming Launchpads

  • The Sandbox (SAND) - Metaverse Made for Everyone

  • Stacks (STX) - One of the Top Cryptos to Watch

  • Ethereum (ETH) - The Original Smart Contract Titan

  • Euler (EUL) - An Open Lending Disruptor

  • My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) - Play-to-Earn Crypto to Watch Today

1. FightOut (FGHT) - Overall Best Crypto to Watch in 2023 with Fitness App and Gyms

FGHT, the native token of new move-to-earn project FightOut, is our top crypto to watch given its huge potential and ambitious plans.

The project, which we've named the next crypto project to explode, is aiming to raise $100 million in its presale with the intention to bring a market-leading fitness app to the space and develop real-world gyms that have Web3 integration. It has already raised almost $2 million in just 72 hours since launch.

The M2E space has huge potential in the coming years but users have seen flaws in leading projects such as STEPN, which has expensive starting costs and a flawed earning system.

FightOut aims to solve those issues by allowing users to access its app via subscription, rather than with expensive NFTs, and to provide a full workout regime rather than just counting steps.

The app will build a digital fitness profile using a range of data points including movement, key effort indicators, sleep and nutrition.

The FightOut algorithm will then provide a tailored workout regime that does not just focus on strength and cardio, but also includes wellness and mental health - users earn rewards - distributed via in-app currency REPS - for completing workouts at home and in the gym.

REPS can be be used to earn discounts on gym membership or for apparel, personal training sessions, training equipment and supplements, with a digital avatar - which is soulbound and cannot be bought or sold - used to earn more rewards by competing in regular challenges against other users.

FGHT is one of the best cryptos to watch as it is currently on sale for just $0.016 and the project’s developers - who are doxxed and have a background in combat sports and fitness apps - have already outlined where the presale funding will be allocated.

They plan to use 70% of it for buying and developing their real-world gyms in key locations around the globe, 18% to marketing and 12% to product development.

Locations for the first gym are already being scouted, while the project is in talks with world-level athletes to come on board as ambassadors - who would not just represent FightOut but provide workout content and all-access footage of their own training sessions.

FightOut will allocate 60% of its 10 billion max supply of FGHT to the presale, with another 30% available for bonuses - investors that choose to lock their tokens are eligible. A final 10% is reserved for exchange liquidity.

The FightOut whitepaper has more information on the project, while the Telegram group has the latest news.

Presale StartedDecember 12
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Min Investment$1
Max InvestmentN/A

2. Dash 2 Trade (D2T) - Crypto Intelligence Platform to Watch in Final Presale Stage

The D2T token has been making waves in the crypto community since it launched in mid-October and has now raised almost $10 million and is in its final presale stage.

The Dash 2 Trade presale will end very soon and with fewer than 70 million tokens still available, and on sale for $0.0533 each, investors should not wait for the IEO.

The D2T token is required for accessing Dash 2 Trade's crypto intelligence and analytics platform that offers a range of tools and data to help investors and traders become more profitable.

Traders wanting crypto buy and sell opportunities, market sentiments and insights provided by professionals will enjoy this platform.

A range of independent, professional-grade indicators, including order book statistics and moving averages, can be utilized, as can automated trading APIs.

Traders can also take advantage of Dash 2 Trade's strategy builder and backtester - the srategy builder provides metrics to help traders develop a trading strategy, and backtester enables traders to determine the most profitable strategy, testing theories in live market conditions without risking capital.

Investors can take advantage of the best crypto prices by being alerted of presale launches and coins added to new exchanges. Dash 2 Trade manually reviews each presale project and scores it according to its tokenomics and audit, giving a score out of 100. 

Price action usually follows new exchange listings, and Dash 2 Trade subscribers will be one of the first to know.

Dash 2 Trade also offers social alerts - assets discussed on social media, which could trigger price action. Other alerts are on-chain analytics, monitoring wallet activities, and market insights about sentiment and the latest asset developments.

According to the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, two subscription options are available: starter and premium. The started subscription provides access to on-chain analytics, basic insights, social metrics, backtesting and discussions about market insights in the members-only Discord area.

Price StageAmount Raised In StageToken Allocation

Investors can stay up to date with the latest developments by subscribing to the Dash 2 Trade Telegram channel. Instead of waiting for the next alert, investors can get in on this project now.

Check out our guide about how to buy D2T tokens.

Presale StartedOctober 19
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT, Transak
Min Investment1,000 D2T
Max InvestmentN/A

3. RobotEra - Trending Crypto to Watch with Utility-Centric TARO Token

RobotEra (TARO) is a new crypto project that has been attracting attention from media outlets around the world for its innovative approach to building a new breed of metaverse. 

With RobotEra making such a splash in the industry, many investors have dubbed its presale ERC governance token, TARO, as the best crypto to watch this year.   

While the RobotEra metaverse is perhaps the project's most exciting feature, the ERC-20 TARO token promises to be the crown jewel for investors. 

TARO has a maximum supply of 1.8 billion tokens, meaning that there's plenty of room for growth without the project's market cap swelling to extremes, making TARO one of the best long-term cryptos. 

To give the power back to its players, RobotEra has made it possible for holders of TARO to pledge the token in order to become a manager, gaining voting rights on important upcoming decisions regarding the project. 

As detailed in the RobotEra whitepaper, it's possible to stake TARO, earning rewards for effectively holding the asset.

The TARO token is currently available in a presale on the RobotEra website. In total there will be three different presale stages, with the price of TARO increasing incrementally in order to afford early investors the best value. 

Right now, in the first stage, TARO can be purchased for $0.020 and the token will eventually climb toward $0.032 during the third stage. 

Presale StageQuantity of TokensPrice of TAROStage Hardcap

RobotEra has split its metaverse into seven expansive continents, with players able to attain plots of virtual land to build upon. 

Each land boasts a varied quantity of resources that can be mined by players to craft robot companions, which can then be sold within the in-game marketplace.

Using the suite of tools provided by RobotEra, anyone can create impressive structures, unique assets, or rewarding play-to-earn experiences within the RobotEra metaverse, making the project perfect for just about everyone interested in cryptocurrency. 

For more details about RobotEra, interested investors can check out the below video by YouTuber Jacob Crypto Bury. 

NFTs are utilized for in-game assets, meaning that most RobotEra items can easily be cashed out for crypto which can then be converted into fiat currency. As a result of this decision, RobotEra will likely be able to create a strong in-game economy as players will have fewer qualms about spending money on a game if they're able to easily withdraw.  

RobotEra is an interesting project packed with innovative technology. The game's numerous earning opportunities, ensure that it is as rewarding as it is fun, making it a great choice for investors and gamers alike. With TARO acting as a governance token, its value will be derived from the success of the game, making it one of the best cryptos to watch. 

Check out the RobotEra presale today to get one of the year's hottest crypto projects before the masses and join the RobotEra Telegram group to keep informed of any updates regarding the project's future. 

Presale StartedQ4 2022
Purchase Methods USDT / ETH
Min Investment1,000 TARO
Max InvestmentN/A

4. IMPT (IMPT) - Popular Crypto Offering Rewards for Carbon Footprint Reduction

IMPT is an exciting and unique crypto project to watch after its presale drew staggering investment and raised more than $20 million.

The IMPT token is now listed on Uniswap and LBank - with more listings expected - with the price expected to pump in the coming days and months.

IMPT is hoping to solve one of the biggest issues of the 21st century - the climate crisis - by allowing users of their platform to offset their carbon footprint.

Individuals and retailers can earn IMPT tokens when shopping and on transactions, which can then be converted into carbon credits - the credits are used to fund and develop pre-approved and vetted conservation and eco-friendly projects and represent one ton of CO2 emissions.

Credits are already big business and the ESG sector is expected to be worth $30 trillion by 2030. 

IMPT wants to use the blockchain to ensure more transparency and less fraudulent behavior on carbon credit trading and will also develop a scoreboard so individuals and retailers are encouraged to continually offset their carbon footprints.

The project has already partnered with more than 10,000 retailers and brands, some of which are globally recognized market leaders such as Nike, Amazon and Samsung. 

It is also built on the Ethereum blockchain and boasts a doxxed team with years of senior and executive experience in different industries.

Not only can the carbon credits be acquired through shopping, but they can be bought, sold, and held by buying IMPT tokens directly.

There is also a feature to 'retire' credits by sending them to a burn address - those retiring credits will receive unique NFTs in return and effectively remove the carbon from the atmosphere, helping the planet.

Read more information on the project in the IMPT whitepaper and join the Telegram group for the latest news from the team.

Token Price$0.023
End DateDecember 11, 2022, IEO on December 14, 2022
VestingUnlock Token Generation Event
TeamDenis Creighton (CEO), Mike English (CTO), Hugh Phelan (CLO)

5. Tamadoge (TAMA) - Exciting Meme Coin Project Pumping since IEO

Tamadoge is a new blockchain project that saw a massive pump after enjoying one of the best presales of 2022.

The project combines the massive awareness and reach of meme coins with the limitless potential of the metaverse and reaches a peak of $0.194 - making nearly 2,000% gains for presale investors.

First announced back in July, Tamadoge immediately garnered a huge amount of support from the community due to its massive addressable market, ambitious roadmap, and quirky design. The platform aims to deliver play-to-earn gaming to the masses through a diverse NFT-enabled product ecosystem known as the ‘Tamaverse’.

The platform will include a host of NFT battle games centered around collectible digital pets, each of which balances fun gameplay with play-to-earn mechanics. It'll also include an NFT pet store, allowing users to buy and sell fully rigged, animated 3D pet NFTs to build their collection.
The TAMA token will sit at the heart of this new ecosystem, being used to participate in its play-to-earn economy and get the most out of the Tamaverse.

TAMA has rigorous tokenomics with a strict max supply of just 2 billion tokens - compared to 130 billion for Dogecoin and 550 trillion for Shiba Inu - and a deflationary mechanism that will see 5% of every pet store transaction burned. 

While the price of TAMA has regressed amid wider bear market conditions, expert consider the token to have huge potential in 2023, with market conditions expected to improve.

The main Tamadoge game is continuing its development as are mini-games and an augmented reality app - which will allow Tamadoge players to take their pets into the real world.

6. Battle Infinity (IBAT) - New Crypto to Watch Long-term

Next on our list of the top cryptos to watch is Battle Infinity, a popular upcoming NFT fantasy sports platform, and play-to-earn ecosystem.

As an exciting new crypto to watch, Battle Infinity is still in its early stages of development. This means there is still significant room for further growth. It is comprised of a diverse landscape of NFT-enabled products, including play-to-earn games, a staking solution, and a marketplace.

After months of teasing, the much-hyped Battle Staking platform is set to go live on the September 24. This is an exciting milestone that not only allows users to battle against others in return for higher yields but also increases the utility of the IBAT token.

Battle Staking offers three primary features: 

  • IBAT token staking to earn a yield.

  • Liquidity creation between multiple assets and IBAT — allow users to earn a passive income in these different tokens such as BNB, USDT, etc.

  • Users can buy NFT crates from the IBAT Battle Marketplace or obtain them by playing the IBAT Battle Games and climbing up the leaderboard. 

An NFT key is required to unlock each crate, these can be obtained in the same way as the crate NFTs. Besides earning IBAT tokens, the rewards unlocked from these crates can include special benefits, exclusive gifts, vouchers or prizes, and more. 

7. Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Popular Crypto Competitions and NFT Ecosystem

On the stand for the newest crypto to watch this year is Lucky Block. 

As the world’s premier platform aimed at widening the opportunities for NFT holders, Lucky Block looks to redefine what it means to be an NFT holder.

Besides providing collectible NFTs, Lucky Block unlocks the full potential of NFTs by allowing Platinum Rollers NFT holders to access exclusive competitions for lucrative prizes.

They can also be used as a passive earning vessel. The way it works is simple. After buying a Lucky Block NFT from, you will be automatically enrolled in any competitions available for that particular NFT collection. 

As long as the NFT stays in your wallet, you still earn a percentage of the rewards pool, even if you don’t win the competition.

The life-changing prizes that come with these competitions vary considerably and depend on the associated NFT collection. For example, Platinum Rollers Club NFT holders currently have a chance to win both a Lamborghini and a $1 million house.

Lucky Block is pioneering the use of blockchain in powering novel use cases for NFTs. Through its competitions, these digital assets expose holders, at no extra cost, to potential future gains that would not otherwise be available. 

This makes it a rarity of among NFT projects in that it goes beyond simple collectability and unlocks the true capabilities of NFTs.

The LBLOCK token also looks primed to become one of the fastest growing cryptos in the coming months after the project announced a series of updates on the coin.

A V2, ERC-20 version of the coin means it is now listed on centralized exchanges such as Gate, LBank and MEXC, with more exchanges in the pipeline - the V2 also has 0% transaction fees compared to 12% for LBLOCK V1.

A bridge between the two coins will go live on October 3, while project CEO Scott Ryder also announced a mega burn will take place from September 30.

The monthly burn will see 1% erased from the 3.25 billion supply, with the first burn to take 32.5 million tokens off the market instantly.

8. Yearn Finance (YFI) - Unlocking the Value in Idle Assets

Next on our list of the top crypto to watch this week is Yearn Finance, a pioneer in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space and a popular platform among investors.

The value proposition of the platform is simple, it allows you to stake your assets and earn a variable interest rate on your deposits. The platform achieves this by deploying your capital across a range of relatively safe and battle-tested strategies.

Today, the platform offers well over 40 vaults covering popular cryptocurrencies like USDT, SUSHI, COMP, UNI, SNX, and more.

Given that Yearn Finance achieved an impressive total value locked (TVL) of almost $7 billion, it’s safe to say that its features are well-appreciated. But since yields have dropped due to the bear market its TVL has fallen considerably.

The Yearn Finance token (YFI) is down more than 90% since reaching its all-time high of $90,790 in 2021. It isn’t unreasonable to think that the platform could return to its former glory if/when the market recovers, making it one of the top cryptos to watch long-term.

Crypto assets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply

9. Solana (SOL) - Next-Generation Smart Contract Platform

Widely regarded as one of the most advanced smart contract platforms, Solana has gathered a huge amount of momentum and captured the imagination of the crypto community since it launched in 2019.

The platform can now be considered a flourishing ecosystem of dApps — many of which are unique to the Solana platform. 

Although it’s more than three years in the making, Solana can still be considered a new cryptocurrency to watch since it’s still in its beta release. Though it’s production ready, the platform has suffered from several hiccups in the last two years which have stunted its growth somewhat.

As an ultra-scalable, energy-efficient, high-speed, and developer-friendly smart contract platform, some believe that Solana will be used to host the next generation of mass-market dApps. 

The SOL coin is down more than 87% since reaching its all-time highest value back in November 2021 — giving it serious room for recovery and making it one of the top cryptos to watch.

Crypto assets are highly volatile and unregulated. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply.

10. Sweat Economy (SWEAT) - Unlocking Fitness Through Blockchain Rewards

In 2021, the move-to-earn economy exploded into popularity, with several major projects offering users the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency rewards for simply keeping fit.

But until now, no project was able to strike the right balance between incentives, token utility, and growth. Leading to the collapse of most early move-to-earn projects.

But Sweat Economy looks to be separating itself from the competition. Rather than paying unsustainable rewards to those that invest the most in the project, it has a finely tuned reward system that works to subtly incentivize fitness while remaining viable in the long term.

It’s one of the few penny cryptos to watch. With a token price currently hovering around $0.05 and a market capitalization of under $100 million, it’s far cheaper than competing projects. 

But given that it already has 13 million wallet users and recently broke several records regarding growth, it might just be the best cryptocurrency to watch in 2023 — having substantial room for further growth.

11. SushiSwap (SUSHI) - Decentralized Finance Juggernaut

Despite its comical name, SushiSwap is far from a joke. As it stands, it’s the seventh most popular decentralized exchange (DEX) by trading volume and a trusted name in the DeFi space.

The platform is popular for good reason. It provides a single access point to a whole array of DeFi tools and services. Beyond the decentralized exchange, it also offers a yield farm, a decentralized lending/borrowing market, a launchpad (known as MISO), and more.

SushiSwap is well-known for its fast-paced development. Back in July, the platform unveiled SushiXSwap — a cross-chain DEX that leverages LayerZero's Stargate protocol to allow users to trade assets across seven different blockchains.

The platform has a large number of drivers to funnel value to the SUSHI token and given its history of pushing the envelope in innovation and utility, it’s definitely one of the cryptos to watch in 2023. 

12. GameZone (GZONE) - Going Beyond Gaming Launchpads

In late 2021, launchpads were a pillar of the early-stage crypto space. The sheer mass of new blockchain-enabled projects leveraged these platforms for both fundraising and user acquisition, helping to ensure a successful launch.

A launchpad is a platform where new project concepts are refined and incubated. Projects typically leverage these platforms to conduct their private or public sales prior to listing their token on centralized and/or top decentralized exchanges.

GameZone is a popular launchpad for gaming-centric projects and play-to-earn games. When it first launched, it quickly rose the ranks as it launched several prominent play-to-earn titles. To date, it has notched up 21 successful project launches. 

Despite the adverse market conditions, the platform is still active and developing, and allows users to access the future of play-to-earn projects at their earliest stages of development. Users need to hold and stake the platform’s native utility token, GZONE, to access these sales.

For less than $300, users can access the lowest guaranteed tier on the platform. 

It’s also a penny crypto, with GZONE currently coming in at $0.014. But with the staggering potential of GameFi and the potential resurgence of play-to-earn, it’s definitely a penny crypto to keep an eye on.

13. The Sandbox (SAND) - Metaverse Made For Everyone

Whether you’re a new or experienced crypto enthusiast, you’ve almost certainly heard of the ‘metaverse’ — a blockchain-powered digital landscape and online environment.

The Sandbox is arguably the most feature-complete blockchain metaverse there is and a pioneer in the space. As a virtual space accessed over the internet, the Sandbox leverages the Ethereum blockchain to provide an environment where users can interact, as well as exchange goods and services.

The platform empowers users to unleash their creative potential safely and anonymously. At the same time, it enables participants to monetize their creativity by building their own content or participating in a range of gaming experiences hosted in a pervasive virtual environment.

SAND is the platform’s native utility token and the primary means of exchange in the Sandbox metaverse. It achieved an all-time high value at $8.40 but is currently trading at below $1.

Given the near-limitless growth potential of the Metaverse, SAND certainly deserves a place among the best crypto to watch in 2023.

14. Stacks (STX) - One of the Top Cryptos to Watch

Despite popular belief that Bitcoin is a simple blockchain for peer-to-peer transfers, recent advances have shown that its capabilities extend well beyond simple payments.

Spearheading this exploration is Stacks, a platform that provides developers with a decentralized open-source network for building dApps, smart contracts, and digital assets for Bitcoin. All while taking advantage of Bitcoin’s security and network. 

The Stacks and Bitcoin platforms are connected by a secure Proof of Transfer (PoX) consensus mechanism. 

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has proven to be an immensely popular use case for this blockchain technology. By bringing this capability to Bitcoin, Stacks could help unlock its latent potential. 

The platform’s native token, STX is currently down around 90% from its peak value but can be seen as a strong candidate for the best crypto to watch in 2023 due to its huge long-term potential. 

15. Ethereum (ETH) - The Original Smart Contract Titan

Ethereum is, without a doubt, a pioneer in the blockchain space. As the platform that made smart contracts available to the masses, it has solidified itself as the second most successful cryptocurrency platform (behind Bitcoin). 

Earlier this month, Ethereum took a big leap by transitioning from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake — dubbed the Merge — cutting its energy usage by 99.9% and setting the stage for further upgrades. It also dramatically reduced inflation, reducing the number of new ether (ETH) that enter the supply thanks to EIP-1559 and the new validator system.

According to recent reports, Ethereum will be deflationary whenever the average gas fee exceeds 15 gwei.

This, combined with its huge user base and developer community, as well as the rapid growth of its dApp ecosystem, means it remains a solid cryptocurrency to watch even seven years after its launch. 

16. Euler (EUL) - An Open Lending Disruptor

Decentralized lending platforms are a staple in the DeFi ecosystem — allowing users to leverage up their exposure to the market and earn a passive income on their idle assets.

Euler deserves a place among new cryptos to watch thanks to its capacity to unlock the full potential of decentralized lending and borrowing. 

Unlike other open lending platforms, Euler allows users to lend or borrow practically any asset. So long as the asset has a liquidity pool on Uniswap, it can be listed on the platform without permission.

The platform features both isolated and cross margin and feeless flash loans. It also uses time-weighted average pricing rather than spot-based oracle prices — making it more resistant to price manipulation attacks.

Though Euler faces stiff competition from the likes of Compound and Aave, its USP could see it blow both out of the water long term. Its total value locked (TVL) is also growing rapidly and tripled between June and September 2022.

17. My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) - Play-to-Earn Crypto to Watch Today

Widely regarded as one of the most profitable IDOs of 2021, My Neighbor Alice has become a phenomenon in its own right.

The crypto game blends aspects of popular life-simulation games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, with the unique properties of blockchain technology to power a novel play-to-earn experience.

Soon to be launched on the Steam store, My Neighbor Alice is an NFT-enabled multiplayer builder game that sees players buy, develop, and monetize plots of digital land. It features whimsical designs and an enchanting, friendly atmosphere — making it one of the few genuinely fun and engaging play-to-earn games.

According to the official roadmap, My Neighbor Alice plans to conduct a land sale in Q4 2022 and launch its beta season soon after. This makes it one of the top cryptos to watch in 2022 and beyond.

How We Select Crypto to Watch

Cryptocurrencies are unusual among speculative assets in that they can vary considerably in their promise and potential and can rise or collapse incredibly quickly.

While some cryptocurrencies are clear game-changers and almost certainly have a bright future ahead of them, others are more subtle or nuanced in their design, which can make their potential difficult to spot at first glance.

In our process of finding the most promising cryptos to watch in 2023, we try to separate the reality from the hype to see which potential crypto coins to watch have what it takes to achieve long-term success.

Practically, this means taking the market as a whole, identifying the narratives that will likely drive the future of crypto adoption, and using this to separate out a pool of candidates.

It is easy to find new coins with the likes of CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CoinList and others all carrying long lists of new coins, while social media sites such as Reddit and Twitter are also great tools to find new projects.

However, once a coin grabs your attention, from there you must complete further research and do your due diligence. Easily spotted good points are a doxxed (public) team, strong social media buzz and well thought out and thorough roadmap and whitepaper.

Immediate red flags are an anonymous team and incomplete or badly presented websites and documents, while one must also be wary of social media bots and spam. You then must further refine your search to extract only the most robust options which we consider the top cryptos to watch this year.

Some of the filters we use when identifying new cryptocurrencies to watch include:

Long-term potential

The top crypto to watch this week all have one thing in common — they’ve got serious long-term potential.

Put simply, this means they’ve both got staying power and the capacity to grow significantly over the long term. As has been seen time and time again, the most promising new cryptos to watch can have the potential to 10x or even 100x their value in just a few years — making them incredibly lucrative.

Some of the simplest ways to gauge the long-term potential of an asset are to examine the strength and background of its founding team, identify its value-adding backers and partners, estimate how demand for its services will change over time, and check whether it has any major competitors.

If a potential cryptocurrency to watch has no major competitors, then it may have the first-mover advantage, or there simply isn’t demand for the services it provides — both cases should be considered before investing.

Community Interest

There is arguably no better sign of strength than an engaged and enthusiastic community. This is one of the areas where meme coins like Tamadoge and Dogecoin excel.

Oftentimes, new cryptos to watch have managed to gather an incredibly strong community because of their innovation and impressive fundamentals. While other crypto coins to watch haven’t yet developed a sizeable community but are on the right track.

We typically gauge community interest by examining the sentiment surrounding a project on its social media and public discussion boards — such as Reddit, Telegram, and Discord. This, combined with the simple number of genuine community members can be a strong indicator of potential.

Creativity and Innovation

Every now and then, a pioneering project comes along that pushes the boundaries of what can be done with blockchain technology.

Many of these projects go on to kickstart new trends, such as Axie Infinity and the play-to-earn trend, STEPN and the move-to-earn trend, and PancakeSwap and the yield-farming trend.

Dash 2 Trade, for example, will help traders and investors become more profitable by providing a range of tools and data points that help them make better decisions in the market.

When we research cryptocurrencies to watch, we look for projects with disruptive potential — whether that be displacing outdated projects, the capability to reach and onboard new user demographics, or a level of creativity to inspire a generation.

As you might have noticed, several of our picks for the top crypto to watch today are trendsetters in their own right and could form the heart of an entirely new ecosystem of products. 

Competitive Advantages

The cryptocurrency industry is vast and for every use case, there is usually a handful of different platforms competing for dominance.

The top cryptos to watch tend to have a strong advantage over their competition — one that cannot be easily matched. This can include an impressive technical team, vibrant community, excellent marketing, or an experienced founding team.

When we list promising cryptos to watch in 2023, we take into account the competition and try to pick the project most likely to lead the market long term.

Value Drivers

A token’s utility is a strong indicator of its likely performance. Tokens that have little to no utility are not likely to appreciate in value.

That said, the best cryptocurrency to watch in 2023 will almost certainly have a highly demanded use case and/or specific economic drivers that act to increase its value. 

This might include a burn mechanism like Tamadoge’s marketplace fee burn feature, staking yields offered by platforms like Battle Infinity and Sweat Economy, or the dividend distribution model of platforms like Nexo.

The newest crypto to watch in 2022 and beyond are those that have clear, specific mechanisms in place to drive value to holders and incentivize new buyers.


In this guide, we identified several popular and penny cryptos to watch. Each has the fundamentals necessary to achieve substantial success over the long term and potentially reach a much greater value.

Unlike most traditional markets, cryptocurrencies are incredibly volatile and can generate substantial returns or losses over very short periods. Because of this, it’s important to take the time to filter the most promising projects and gauge an attractive entry price for each. This will help you make volatility work in your favor.

We've identified the FGHT token as the main asset to watch. The FightOut presale has already attracted almost $2 million of funding after just 72 hours with investors excited by the move-to-earn project's fitness app and plan to build Web3-integrated gyms around the world.

Another top crypto to watch in 2023 is analytics and intelligence platform Dash 2 Trade, which is now in the final stage of its presale.


What are the best cryptos to watch today?

Though there is no single best crypto to watch today, a handful of prominent candidates have emerged in recent weeks — boasting the right mix of fundamentals and potential. This includes FGHT - a move-to-earn project with ambitious plans - and Dash 2 Trade, which is now in its final presale phase.

What is the most watched cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) remain by far the most watched cryptocurrencies. They both have an impressive pedigree and have demonstrated nothing short of meteoric growth since their inception.

These remain popular cryptos to watch in 2023 due to their sheer long-term potential. But a whole new generation of assets has also appeared in recent months. This includes ambitious M2E project FightOut and crypto intelligence platform Dash 2 Trade.